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The Ion Beam Simulator is hosted at SourceForge. The downloads of published official releases can be made at section Files.

Development versions

The very latest source code is available through the source repository accessible with source code management tool git. You can fetch the code with:

git clone git://

or you can get it from Sourceforge web interface with "Download Snapshot". Please note that the most recent branch currently is the dev branch. The snapshot does not include the configure script. You can rebuild the configure script using reconf script. Under windows it might be challenging to make this work. An easy way to get a recent dev branch version is to download a package below.

Please note that the code obtained with git might not be compilable and the tests might not work. The between-versions code of the main development branch is stamped with version number X.Y.Zdev, where X.Y.Z is the number of the last published release.

new_solver branch

The master development branch was freezed on 07 Feb 2012. After this all the features of the development branch were added to the new_solver branch in which the development has continued. On 15 Jun 2015 the new_solver branch was merged with the master branch. Do not use the new_solver anymore!

Download recent dev package

The 1.0.6 release is so recent that no development package has been released yet.

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