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The Ion Beam Simulator is a somewhat compicated code, which works as a C++ library. The features of the code can be adjusted by including different "packages" in the installation during compilation of the program. This tutorial covers the use of the code and only the most basic features. For a more complete description of features, please see the reference manual. For information about preparing and installing the code, please see the installation guide.

For a new user starting to use the code I would suggest first looking through this tutorial and then finding more information in the test programs in the tests subfolder of the distribution package to get an idea of what can be done and how. But first in this tutorial I will go through a simulation step-by-step and explain what each function does and what other possibilities there would be. I assume you have at least some experience in C++ programming. The code in the tutorial was made for IBSimu 1.0.6dev (on 22 February 2017). Because IBSimu is work-in-progress the same code is not guaranteed to work with older or newer versions (while it most probably will).

Currently there are two tutorial cases:

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